Monday, 9 November 2015

Learning intentions and a fair sharing activity

These are our learning intentions for the week. The posters along the bottom of the board are the reading strategy posters I show my students, but I can't remember where I go them from. I'm looking forward to doing fair sharing in maths - so many great activity ideas out there!!

This was our 'fair sharing' activity in maths today. It's a freebie on my TpT and DBT stores. We watched a Numberjacks video on YouTube about fair sharing, then talked about the important points from the video. Students got the sheet and stickers, had to share the stickers fairly, and then finish the sentences. It was great to talk about strategies, some shared the stickers one at a time, some new that 3 lots of 4 would make 12 stickers, so there would need to be 4 stickers on each monster.

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