Sunday, 3 May 2015

Classroom update and a SALE!

I worked in my classroom yesterday (Saturday) for a few hours because I needed to rearrange some furniture. Where I had my SmartBoard meant that it had sun glare on it for most of the day, and that's just not good enough when you're trying to watch GoNoodle!! Here are some photos of my newly rearranged room:

View from my teaching chair.

View from my door. My stuff is hidden behind the SmartBoard.

TL: My teaching table. TR: Rearranged the tables. BL: Looking toward the door. BL: Laminated cellophane to block the light.

New teaching space with new displays. I couldn't decide whether to display the numbers with 10 at the top or the bottom.

I also gave my SitSpots a wash. They are looking bright and shiny, and ready to be used again!
Washed them in warm soapy water. Gave them a good scrub with a scouring sponge. Then soaked the for a few minutes in some disinfectant. We had a little wee accident on the carpet, so I thought it best to give them all a clean.

Also, there is a TeachersPayTeachers Sale coming!

From May 5-6 my TpT store will be have a 20% off sale, and then you'll get extra off when you use the Coupon Code. Go and fill up your Wishlist now so you can grab some awesome sales!!

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