Saturday, 21 February 2015

Five for Fraturday - 21st February

After a very long hiatus from my blog I'm back! And with a gorgeous new blog design to boot!!

I thought a great first post back would be a Five for Friday! It is Saturday evening where I am, but it's still Friday somewhere!
I have had an amazing start to the new school year. In my class I have 22 preps and they are all gorgeous. They are an incredibly helpful, happy and persistent bunch. Yesterday we did our first session of maths groups and I set out a few maths activities that were too hard to see how they reacted. Only one of my poppets gave up and had a whinge - every other one was persistent and had a go even if they weren't too sure about how to get it done. I'm really proud of the behaviours this class are showing, and it is sure to be a fantastic year with them!

As with any start to the year a good clean-up is necessary.
The way I have set up my classroom (and I will post a classroom tour next) has the smartboard and whiteboard in front of a window. It works perfectly for the way the room is set up, except it is quite bright through the windows. As a way to cut down the light I laminated some cellophane and bluetac-ed it to the window.

A new school year also needs some new 'words to live by'.

And a new hairstyle!

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  1. Cute haircut! I like the way you covered the window. I once had a broken blind, and I just taped up black construction paper! Not pretty. I'm looking forward to your classroom tour. We're about 105 days into our school year, and my room could use some REorganizing.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Thanks Jan! I was close to sticking up black paper, but had a light bulb moment while looking at Pinterest! The classroom tour is up now, lots of pictures.

  2. Love your blog design - how cute!!!