Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Roll Write Read & Bright Classroom Rules

I'm on spring holidays at the moment and I have just found motivation to make some TpT products again! Yay! I put two new ones up yesterday.

The first is a set of classroom rules. A few weeks ago I uploaded some of chalkboard-style background, but they didn't look right in my classroom this year. I re-worked them, changed the border and background colour and made the Bright Classroom Rules.

There are five rules in this pack:

I love these rules because they are short and concise. When I first introduced them I read them to my class and they said them back to me. We also talked about what each rule meant. I have them displayed in my classroom and they look really cute - so clean and simple!

The other product I uploaded is a Roll Write Read pack. It has 13 different activity pages. The idea is that students will roll a six-sided dice, then trace over the next work/letter in the list underneath the number they rolled. It combines reading, subitising dice-dots and handwriting! Love that!
The pack includes two sets of sheets. One set is Victorian Modern Cursive and the other set is a simple print font.
Included are:
Single letters (4 sheets)
CVC words (3 sheets)
Four letter words (1 sheet)
Magic E words (1 sheet)
Colour words (1 sheet)
Ch sh th words (1 sheet)
Word families (2 sheet)

These could be laminated for multiple uses, slid into sheet protectors, or used as-is as worksheets. They are all black and white so they're easy on the printer ink. I'll be using these as part of my reading groups activities, but they could be used as fast-finisher work, writing centres, whole group activities, or for home schooling purposes.

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