Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rearranged my classroom!

I popped in to school today to quickly print off a couple of things I needed for my trip to Sydney tomorrow. Well, two hours later I left with the things printed and my classroom rearranged!! I had sketched a few ideas last night but hadn't really planned to do anything about the ideas, but then I was motivated!

I drew a before (not to scale) sketch and an after (not to scale) sketch using Doodle Buddy.

Top left is my teaching space (chair, literacy whiteboard, IWB, the dots are to mark where the SitSpots are). Top right is the external door, plus a trolley with communal materials on it. Bottom middle was my book corner and the circle rugs I have. Bottom right is my desk and conference area.
Top left is now my book corner. Bottom middle is now my teaching space. Other things are pretty much the same.
 There were a few changes that happened after I drew the 'After' sketch. The tables didn't quite work as I'd drawn them, and I changed the way the book corner is arranged. Here are some photos, sorry about the chairs being up - so much easier to move tables when the chairs are up!

My new teaching space. I haven't plugged the board in yet, or put my SitSpots back on the ground.

My new book corner. I love how cosy it looks!

This is the view from my desk and conference table.

This is the view from my big internal door.

This is the view from the book corner.

And this is the view from the external door.

I have 23 students and last term I had the tables set up in four groups of 6 students. I've changed that and now have three tables of 4 students and two tables of 6 students. It worked well in the space and I think some of my students will like having fewer people on their table.

This is my literacy whiteboard. I've moved my daily schedule from the big cupboard which is now at the back of the room and put it on to this at the front of the room. My kids love checking what is coming up during the day.

This is something new too. The black thing is for my Portable Science Word Wall. It is just an accessories organiser because I couldn't find any pocket charts in my town. The four boards will be for Learning Intentions. Green for Writing, Red for Reading, Blue for Maths and Yellow for Science - my lesson plans are colour coded too!

This is my third year teaching and every other year I've rearranged my classroom at least three times. This is the first time I've rearranged it this year. The arrangement was working really well, which is why I hadn't changed it, but I was ready for something different!!

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