Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Five for ...whoops! I'm late!

It's Tuesday morning. I forgot to link up to Five for Friday, but I'm doing it now. I'm dawdling at home a bit this morning because I have a School Council meeting after school which means I'll be at school until 9pm. No need to be at school before 8am today!


On Thursday my class worked on making Father's Day cards. Here is our awesome card. On the inside it compares the card-receiver to superheroes (eg. you are as brave as Batman). We did lots of talking about how Father's Day things don't just have to be for fathers (I've got a few kids without dads).

We also did some handprints which we turned into superheroes:


Up until last week I had individual jobs for my students - everyone had a job. It was frustrating having to check the board every time I needed a student to do their job, because I couldn't remember who was doing which job that week. So, last week I introduced Daily Helpers. Two different kids each day get to do all of the jobs for the day. It's working so much better already!


I also made new classroom rules. Only five of them. We repeat them each morning - my kids are getting a bit restless with the end of term 3 approaching and they needed a reminder about appropriate behaviour.


I have also introduced iPad time for my whole class twice a week. I use iPad time for a few of my kids as 'break' time (those that need it) but some of the other kids were playing up to try to 'get a break'. So instead, every Monday and Friday my whole class gets 10-15min on the iPad straight after recess time - they love it!!

Off to work, now!

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  1. Hi Jemima,
    I found the same thing with every child having a job. This year I started the daily helpers and it is sooo much easier. Two people to do everything all day, much better!
    The superhero hand prints are too cute! I loooove kids drawings, the individuality is amazing.
    Have a great week!

    Oh the Little Wonders