Sunday, 24 August 2014

Peak at my Week

I'm having a go at sharing my week as a link-up with Mrs Wills Kindergarten: Peak at my Week.

Here is my weekly planning document. We start at 9am and finish at 3.30pm. Recess is 30min at 11am, and lunch is 1hr at 1.30pm. Click on the document to see it up close.

Oral language is when a speech therapist employed by my school comes into my classroom and runs small group activities focused on key literacy skills. This week we are focusing on vowels and medial sounds.

Clubs happens twice a term. Teachers and parents run a 'club' for a group of students. I run Craft Club, but we also have groups who go to the park, do knitting, do cooking, do science, make cool things, etc.

Normally I have another document with more detail on it, lesson by lesson, but I have a student teacher who is teaching everything expect for Reading Groups, so she is planning everything. I don't have her plans yet.

This is what my reading plan looks like for the week:

It has taken me a while to find a reading groups plan that works for me, but this is working so far. We do reading groups on four days. The groups are the animal names on the left. I have goals for each group, and that is what I select their activity based on. They still need fine motor work so I always have the group do a fine motor skills (FMS) activity. I have an aide who helps out with the groups. Other than the activities highlighted in pink or blue, a group does the same activity two days in a row. This gives them time to practice the task.

Have a great week!!


  1. Hi Jemima, I remember doing clubs when I was at school and I loved it! What kinds of craft activities do you run with your group?


  2. Hi Zoe, last time we made paper bags houses like these ones
    We have also made 3D paper collages, tissue paper snails and tissue paper butterflies. I run clubs for prep-2s, so they are nice and easy.

  3. Hello new friend from 'down under'! :)
    I'm Tamara! :) I found you through the Peek at My Week Linky! :) I loved reading your plans and noting the differences between what we do in my American school and yours in Australia! :) I LOVE that your students get to learn knitting! :) When I taught third, I taught my class how to crochet! They LOVED it! :) There were so many different math extensions that we taught through those lessons! ;) Your lunch is at 1:30? Yikes! I feel like I'm dying and mine is at 11:40! I am fighting the need to have snack time! LOL! :) I have a student teacher this year too! ;) He's in his senior year, so, he is expected to teach for me too at some point. This my second week with the kids. He does his first lesson for me this Wednesday! I am so excited to be mentoring! :) It's really such a joy to watch new teachers grow under my influence! Mentorship has made me a better teacher! Don't know why I didn't do it earlier! Well...I've chatted long enough, excited to 'meet' you! :) I hope you'll continue sharing! ;) I'd love to hear more about your adventures in Australia!! :)
    Mrs. Russell's Room

    1. Hi Tamara! The different times schools run all over the world fascinate me! That school can start as early as 7.30am in some places is amazing. I can knit, but I can't crochet - such a skill! I love being a mentor teacher. It makes me reflect on my teaching which is awesome for the quality of my teaching.

      Thanks for visiting!!