Friday, 8 August 2014

Five for Friday, but no photos...

I am very glad it is finally Friday, I'm so tired this week!!

On Monday we had a pupil free day and all of the staff at my school went to do a training day called A Framework for Understanding Poverty. It was fantastic! It is all about the ways children from disadvantage are different to those who have more resources. I really liked that there was a broader view on these children as lacking in resources (such as social, emotional, support, and vision for the future) rather than just the economic thing. We talked about the hidden rules of the different groups in society and about mutual respect. The whole day was incredible!

On Wednesday my class went on their first big excursion. We drove almost an hour in a bus to Ecolinc. It was fantastic!! My school is incorporating Science as a big curriculum component and this facility has a focus on environmental science. We did a program called Living in the Extremes and talked about plants and animals that live in extreme weather, the kids got to make their own bug with plastic pieces a bit like Mr Potato Head, and then we got to look at insects found in the pond under a microscope. I was so incredibly proud of my little preppies behaviour during the excursion! For 5/6 year olds it was a very long day, but they really enjoyed themselves.

Today my school held our Athletics Day. It was meant to be last Friday but was postponed due to an 'extreme weather' warning. I supervised the triple jump which was absolutely hilarious at times! So many kids find the required 'hop, step, jump' really hard. It was a really fun day and all the kids tried their best.

Ooooh, I have one photo, which is non-school related. I bought a new handbag!!
The brand is Timberland. It is beautiful soft leather, a great size, fits everything in it and I love the colour!! I was so excited today when it turned up in the mail - thank you eBay!

I am finally over my cold so I am really looking forward to making the most of this weekend. I've got a few boring jobs to do, like clothes washing, but I'm also catching up with my bestie for afternoon tea tomorrow (crepes, yum!) and I think I'll go to the movies. Maybe Begin Again?

Now, I'm totally stuffed from a very hectic week, so I'm off for an early night!

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