Friday, 6 June 2014

Five for Friday

I am very excited that it is Friday! I'm ready for the weekend.

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For fine motor skills over the past week we have been working a little bit at a time on Olaf Snowmen. The idea is from Lauren at Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep.  I thought it was such an awesome activity that I had to do it with my preps! They loved it! We completed the task in 'fine motor skills teams' and the team had to share one pair of tweezers and one bottle - there was great turn taking happening. A few of my preps struggled at turn taking so we do lots of activities where waiting is involved.

My school is a science-focussed school, but I still cover the curriculum in history. So this week we did two history sessions. The first was about families, and how every family is different. The second was on timelines and thinking about things that have happened to us since we were born. My preps just loved talking about their families! I have a blended family (with a step mum, a step dad and step siblings) so I always share stories about my family first, that helps some of the other kids open up about their families. We had a great chat about how exciting it is that every family is different - I really try to instill a love of diversity and acceptance in my students, it's so important. The timeline lesson was much more difficult. They could think of things like birthdays and walking/talking, but they are too young and too in-the-moment to think about anything else to add to the group timeline, but it was still an interesting conversation. Here is a sample of the pics two of my preps did of their families:

Reports are basically done!!! I'm the reports coordinator so this is very exciting for me. The final print went home with our principal today for a read, then we collate them next week and send them home the Monday after. Just the paperwork/organising bit left. So glad to have all of the writing done!

I've found a new tv show that I'm in love with! It's called Signed, Sealed, Delivered and it's by the Hallmark channel in the USA. It is a super sweet show, and started off as a movie around Christmas last year. It is a huge difference to my other current fav, Game of Thrones, but it is seriously quirky and cute and the messages in the episodes are always uplifting.

IT'S A LONG WEEKEND! I'm super excited about that. Love long weekends. That extra day just makes the weekend seem far more relaxing. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching my preppies, but I also enjoy a sleep in!


  1. The Olaf snowmen are so cute! I'm sure your kindergartner's loved it!

    Second Grade Stampede

    1. Thanks for visiting, Bryce! Yep, they were really into it!


  2. I love the Olaf snowman idea! Totally going to be stealing this as we head towards the end of term!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  3. Jemima, I feel like I saw the movie Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I can't remember now though. I watched SO many Hallmark movies this Christmas season. Our DVR was so full that my husband just started deleting them. I'm trying to spread the word - sorry for the shameless plug - I'm starting a new linky party for the summer called Sell It Saturday. I have a smaller blog, but if you're ever interested in joining in, that'd be great!

    Teaching In A Nutshell