Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I've missed Wordless Wednesday for the past couple of weeks. But I have a question for this week:

How do you teach sight words??

For a bit of background: it's reporting time and I'm realising that my group of kids aren't having as much success with my current strategies for teaching sight words.


  1. There are so many different activities you can do to teach sight words. Using different activities to keep it fresh, plus not introducing too many words at a time and constant reviewing of words helps.
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Hi Lori,

      Great suggestions. I probably need to come up with a few new ideas to keep things fresh!

  2. Hi, Here's a couple things I do. Each week we learn a different poem. I put it on the easel chart to use as shared reading. The word wall words of the week are within the poem, so the kids read the words in context. We also spell them aloud in different voices each day. We have a little routine we use to place them on the word wall at the end of the week. They also add the poem to their poetry journals. By the end of the week, most of the students know the words. We do two to four words per week. Hope one of these tips is helpful. Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      Awesome ideas! My kids love using different voices, so using that with sight words would definitely work.