Sunday, 13 April 2014

New product: 100th Day of School Party Pack

I have just uploaded a new product to my TpT Store. It is a 100th Day of School Party Pack!
It contains:

- 100s charts with different numbers missing for different abilities or grade levels
- 100 is 10 groups of 10 maths sheets, two version
- Making 10 using tens frames sheets, two versions
- An original 100th Day of School poem
- Writing prompt sheets, three versions
- Alphabet writing and tracing sheets, Victorian Modern Cursive and print fonts
- 100 snacks placemat
- Colouring page using Graphics from the Pond clipart
- Simple 100 Days crown
It will be a great pack to use on your 100th Day of School. I can't wait to use it for ours, which is still a couple of months away. I have made different versions of some of the activities so that they can be differentiated across ability levels and can be used at different grade levels.

I even wrote an original poem!! I'm definitely not a poet, but it is something for our students to read and it has rhyming words, too.

I had fun making it, and I hope you have fun using it!

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