Sunday, 9 March 2014

Rainbow rice

I coloured some rice today! I'm making a 'sensory activity tub' for my prep class. I haven't totally decided what I will do with it now, but there are heaps of cool ideas floating around the web so I'm definitely not stumped for inspiration or ideas. It will definitely be something I use as a reading group when we get that up and running, but for now I think I'll make it part of my Fine Motor Skills lessons. Maybe using tweezers to pick beads up out of the rice-filled tub. Here is a picture of them drying:
I used natural food colouring which is why the colours are more pastel/muted. I put rice in a big zip-lock bag, added the food colouring and a good big squirt of rubbing alcohol, then mixed it all up. They are laying outside in the sun drying off now. I'm looking forward to mixing them up! Then we'll have rainbow rice!

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