Sunday, 19 January 2014

New product! PMP Activity Cards

I finished my new product! It is a set of 21 activity cards designed to be used with a Perceptual Motor Program or to support gross motor skill development.

The cards include activities that cover balance, hand-eye co-ordination and crossing the mid-line. They would be suitable for students up to about grade 2, unless there are specific kids who need to work on these skills above that grade level.

I am planning on using this is my classroom three days a week. We will have sessions where my preppies will work in groups of 4-5 at an activity for about 10min. Each activity will have an adult helper to support the kids. The cards will be posted at the station so that the helper knows what to do. But you could also use these for learning centres or withdrawal tasks. Some of them even work as whole group activities. 

You can have a look at my new product here.

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