Tuesday, 28 January 2014

First day back!

Today was our first day back - for teachers only. We started with a two hour whole school meeting, followed by team meetings. Lots of info was shared because we have three new staff members this year. It was good to hear some of the info again, refresh my brain after five weeks of holidays.

I'm a prep teacher this year and there is only one prep class at my school for this year, so I'm a team of 1. This meant that during team meeting time today I got to do things that I needed to get done. I did a total clean out of my mobile whiteboard shelves, which now only has 'kid friendly' things on it (no more permanent textas near the whiteboard!!). I also set up my room ready for my new preppies to arrive tomorrow.

Super just a bit nervous about tomorrow. I love the first day of a new year and getting to meet and start to get to know my new kids. But it is also nerve wracking. On the agenda for tomorrow is playing with toys to help the kids settle (magnetic letters, lego, drawing, puppets, farm animals, books), then the good ol' whole class toilet break, followed by fruit snack, a read aloud, discussing school rules and a self portrait. Hopefully that'll take us up to recess, and after recess we will discuss and have a go at the mat rules (being 5 star listeners takes practice!) then they'll make a front cover for their Science Journal. My kiddos go home at 12.30pm the three days they're at school this week. I will be doing some last minute setting up (like table name tags) and organising the materials they bring in during the afternoons. It's a lovely way to get used to school routine.

The aim is to take some pics of my little cuties working (no faces...) and I'll do another post on the weekend to show you how our first week went!!

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